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  • Sora Neku

    Well, they ARE married… I believe this sort of thing usually comes up eventually.

    • Nope, still not married. Getting there though…

      • Kitirena Koneko

        I’d tease you about how we won’t get to see the wedding until sometime in August (real-world time), but you’re actually really good about keeping to schedule, unlike some webcomic artists I could mention.

  • zophah

    The powers of the Null might get passed on…

  • CazzT

    LOL Phil’s answer is pretty spot on as he starts to say “Right now?”

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    run phil run

  • Alexander

    I’ve been thinking about this too, Interested to see how this goes!

  • Draffle

    ah yes children. little feet on the floor. kitchen messed up. three new holes in the wall.

    • tych

      Three? What the Hell?!

      • Raconis

        yeah, the same thing happened with both me and my sister whom has kids

      • Draffle

        magically powered children. nuff said.

  • tych

    This smells like a Death flag trigger no speculating just saying

  • Dorje

    So… let’s talk about this right now before you’re about to get thrown around, and punched in the junk a lot, by a combat android out stress test your seeming invulnerability.

  • Chillman

    If they do have kids, are they going to be the same ones shown in the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fillers?