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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “I don’t see the problem here”

  • CazzT

    I don’t think Nami quite understands the purpose of resting those on her. hehe

    • Seiggrain Hart

      Or, she fully understands, doesn’t mind it, but still insists on listing the practicality of having a robot body.

    • Kitirena Koneko

      I’m sure she understands, but knows better than to encourage Blue… just like how anyone who knows me knows better than to encourage me, considering what a bad kitty I can be, nyao.

  • Draffle

    Breast pillows are ineffective on Nami, sadly.

  • Alexander

    All i have to say to the two of them is this………..Awwwwwwwwwww to cute!

  • cy414

    the question is, why does nami want her to have an android body instead of a gynoid body?

    • Because its the same thing and is an unnecessary distinction.

      • cy414

        eh. that was an attempt at a joke about gender characteristics and blues occasional sexy comments.

        • Sorry I didnt get your joke, I just get a lot of people saying – and to note I usually read this in as nerdy a voice as possible for my own entertainment “Yesh well you seeeee a “Gynoid” is a female robot construction while an “Android” is a male, so the PROPER word is GYNOID! *Pushes up glasses*” and it’s really frustrating because its like – No, it is true that the an- in android is from the Greek for Male- back then it was also used for “Human” in general. So the use of the word “Android” is not gender specific- it’s human specific. Then you have to deal with where and why Gynoid is a thing and its just a more “scientific” word for “Fembot” and no one would want to call themselves a Fembot because there are negative connotations to the name “Fembot”.

          Sorry – It’s also been a rough week.

          • cy414

            no sweat. we all have our negative associations.
            heh, i can see why you would be slightly a-noid by that.