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  • Aron Dragonwolf

    Cute, smart, and multiplying in numbers at an alarming rate?

  • Alexander

    Awesome Robot Girls?

  • Jordan Bai

    Love Nami’s lopsided expression in the last panel.

  • DudeHack

    This is why I love Phil, he does not consider them as AIs but just his friends, people rather than “just” androids.

  • Draffle

    When the robots are human.

    alternatively, when being AI is what makes them so much more human. they are not human because of it, it just contributes to their humanity.

  • Henry Cannon

    I’m sorry, but Phil just keeps looking like a girl to me in a bunch of recent comics.

    • Zafnak

      Maybe he just needs a haircut?

    • I agree. Maybe we need more shirtless Phil so people can be sure he is most definitely not a woman. Though seriously, he does need a bit of a hair cut, but maybe he doesnt so he looks better in a maid outfit 😛

      • Henry Cannon

        Phil confirmed for wearing a maid outfit more often? Excellent.

        • Tsuki_Ouji

          That’s only in the R-18 spinoff, sorry.

  • Bushmaster

    I wonder, is phil looking further ahead than the rest of them? I mean, yes doing AI centric work may be of great interest and relevance to the androids but they are (probably) going to have to live in the world of people eventually.