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  • ZRO4825

    So that means Shiden’s androids are his human element in his ultimate automation scheme? o_o;

    • Dorje

      Well, he was going to use them to infiltrate the halls of power and take over all the world’s governments from within. Using them as a labor force was kinda like a tertiary benefit.

      1) I will make robot girls because I can!
      2) I now have semi-loyal robot girls, I will use them to take over the world!
      3) I need more infrastructure before I take over the world. Wait I have robot girls who can help me build it!

      We are now at stage 4, the infrastructure is built, and is self-building. Time to return to stage 2 and take over the world… with willing robot girls.

  • Aron Dragonwolf

    The struggle is real.

  • CivD666

    The Wage of Sol

  • Knightwolf1785

    Is Shiden really that much of a jerk?! Geez, some people I swear!

  • Feartheswans

    Even the Robots are loosing jobs to robots.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    I guess Shiden wants soldier that he wouldn’t mind sacrifying in the oncoming war. He values his daughters too much for that.

  • tych

    okay so what do the girls do again??

    • Kitirena Koneko

      Fanservice? ‘Cause I have a massive crush on Blue–she’s a kitty after my own evil little feline heart, nyao!

    • They have many different jobs but they are referencing the manufacturing jobs of putting tech together. They still do R&D but the manufacturing is mostly handled by 3D printing and assembly stations. Other jobs that they did and still do include data collection, diplomacy, corporate and government infiltration, security and maintenance. Some even do retail and real estate. Oh and of course lawyers. So they have a lot of different jobs but with so many they often ended up in “low end jobs” simply because they needed to be done and paid well. Now they don’t need to be done so they need to find new jobs. Thankfully they work for Shiden who wouldn’t just leave them to fend for themselves and is developing new jobs… For androids. Humans need not apply XD

      • tych

        …the hell does Shiden do anyway like really I forgot how he made the androids so yeah what does he do?

        • Seiggrain Hart

          He’s a mad scientist. The good kind that is… I mean, his first thing was end the energy crisis…

          • tych

            okay validates his money and how he created the android girls still his plan was world domination what the f**k is he doing playing landlord?

          • Seiggrain Hart

            Though the whole “World domination” thing might have been a joke.

          • tych

            first rule of Shiden he doesn’t joke second rule always go for the profit

          • Seiggrain Hart

            then maybe it’s not profitable right now? Maybe he’s building up the infrastructure to make it profitable?

          • tych

            actually that was I think confirmed by sage in a conversation a while back with some commentors who asked why shiden hadn’t taken over the world yet it was a few years ago don’t remember where it is maybe sage might remembers

          • Seiggrain Hart

            If it’s older then the site being taken down to fix the bugs, then the comments don’t exist anymore.

          • tych

            I will just say this it was more then 4 years ago so yeah probably gone but it was a funny conversation to read

          • Seiggrain Hart

            Yeah, there was some pretty funny conversations.

          • tych

            I miss those conversations also thinking back on the comic gets me back to the first comic pages the pepsi jell-o *shudder* why penpen why

          • Seiggrain Hart

            Because he’s the king of hell? Well, he wasn’t at the time but still.

          • tych

            but still he knows why that was wrong also thinking back on it sage hasn’t done any pepsi jokes in awhile didn’t he use to say that was his favorite drink wasn’t that how he started this comic?