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#1906 – Unused Penthouses

#1906 – Unused Penthouses published on 5 Comments on #1906 – Unused Penthouses
When you think about it, the whole complex is mostly empty except for the lowest levels because a majority of the androids that call the place home are fine with convenience over atmosphere when they can just enter a VR world to “get out”. Also AI Updated! Check it out here!
  • DudeHack

    Makes sense, why worry about the “real” view when you can make your view the most amazing place ever for you.

  • tych

    I smell a upgrade in phil and Kate’s living quarters in near future

    • Sandman366

      Well, duh. Question is how much it will cost them.

      Of course, Shiden could just go really cheap and call that his “wedding present”…

      • tych

        I could see him doing that also I could see him doing a love hotel thing with the penthouse because well no way anyone is traveling anywhere normal

  • ReBoot Fan

    What happened to the half ton of ninjas living there? They go back to Japan?