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#1903 – Pizza Party

#1903 – Pizza Party published on 17 Comments on #1903 – Pizza Party
AI also updated too! Check it out over at! Oh and if you notice any grammar or spelling errors in this let me know in the comments XD – It’s late and Mihari didn’t get a chance to double check it for me. If I made an error, I just didn’t catch it at 6am.
  • The Aussie Bloke

    Is thia going to turn into a pineapple on pizza argument?

    • Chris Richardson

      That might be amusing, like when Phil was warning Kate about the weak syrup

    • There is no argument there. Pineapple on pizza is fine. Ketchup on steak is an abomination.

      • nightarix

        what madman doesn’t use BBQ sauce on steak? it’s pretty much made exclusively for meat!

        • Draffle

          not everyone likes BBQ sauce. however at least no one is crazy enough to put ketchup on it.

          • If it’s a bad steak, I’ll put anything, with a flavor, I can find on it, ketchup, bbq, cover it in seasoned breadcrumbs, anything I can find….

      • The Aussie Bloke

        As someone who dislikes both pineapple and ketchup in general, i find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with you.

      • Chris Richardson

        Not bringing politics in on this, but Trump likes ketchup on his well-done steak, apparently.

        • The Aussie Bloke

          Well done?! Blegh.

          Medium-rare with garlic steak seasoning for me

        • Kitirena Koneko

          Heresy! Death is too good for him!

    • Raymond Eric Dannelly

      Well, it was, but I came in late, so will have to let the momentum of civil conversation continue.

  • Draffle

    Objective; silence the pizzaman
    solution; Tip good so that he will keep his mouth shut
    ohwait considering who lives there, the tip is most likely always good.

  • SmokeSkid

    Phil: He’s threatening my pretend harem.

    • yeti64

      blue is most likely okay with the harem sentimentality

      • Kitirena Koneko

        {evil chuckle} She’s not the only one… Wish I could live there, with all those pretty girls, nyao!

  • DragonLordRyu

    Mmmm, Banana peppers and bacon pizza, Blue I love you more now!

  • the stooge

    That was Tom as the Pizza guy wasn’t it?