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#1896 – Whip Analysis Complete

#1896 – Whip Analysis Complete published on 6 Comments on #1896 – Whip Analysis Complete
The whip causes a wave of alternating magic disrupting and amplifying in a wave moving along the sonic boom of the crack of the whip. Fun times.
  • Sora Neku

    Counter-magic whip. Got it.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Lien should really value her life more 😐

    • Sandman366

      Maybe she does and it just doesn’t show. Still rebooting, after all.

  • Kitirena Koneko

    {evil chuckle} With apologies to Devo, “When a demon comes along, you must whip it!”

    Seriously, I can see that being adapted to a Pathfinder/D&D magic item. And anyone mentioning a certain other RPG (starts with “F” and is notoriously X-rated) gets a taste of the whip–and not a fun way, either! 😛

  • in333

    Magic EMP?

  • Eboreg2 .

    Um… that makes about as much sense as unplugging your computer to completely erase the hard drive.

    What that means is not that Lien would be dead but that she would be in a kind of stasis that would be easy to recover from.