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#1895 – Whip of Disruption

#1895 – Whip of Disruption published on 10 Comments on #1895 – Whip of Disruption
Couple things today! As always- Stream tonight! 9pm EST on Picarto! Here is the link! Second thing! Artificial Incident is back up! There is still some work to do on the site but mostly it’s back up and running! Check it out here!
  • SoraHjort

    Disruption to her power core(s), called it! (Didn’t realize/remember she had more than one)
    Now for the rest of the details~

  • The_One_Guy

    What about extending the handle and having Phil hold onto the extension?

  • Danodan94

    Please don’t make this Kate’s weapon. There are too many female characters with whips. Kate deserves something more creative.

    • No reason to be worried about that, I would never make this Kate’s weapon.

  • Henry Cannon

    Duel power units? Is she a time lord?

    Also wow Phil is really girly in panel 4.

    • SoraHjort

      Her body is military grade. Having a second, backup, power supply. Especially for what requires additional power (as seen in the fight with Lilith) makes sense to have atleast two.

      • Henry Cannon

        That was a joke

  • Michael Halpern

    Say isn’t Anna usually a “little” smaller?

  • Aron Dragonwolf

    Now just to find out if this can be used to fight vampires.

  • ReaperBones

    ANother moment when Phil reminds us that he’s friggin intelligent. I love how special he can be lol