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#1894 – Weighted Discussion

#1894 – Weighted Discussion published on 7 Comments on #1894 – Weighted Discussion
Had a big Patreon update yesterday, it’s free for everyone to check out so head on over there to see! Also- alternate Joke comic for this one up there as well! Check it out! (Click here)
  • SmokeSkid

    Titanium bones… no wonder she’s heavy that is not lightest stuff in the world I have held it before but its definitely tough, I’m guessing the nano tubes due to their characteristics ares being used as the muscle. Now I have a horrible image in my head of those titanium bones being melted down… reprocessing…

    • It’s lighter than steel though. All in all the titanium would be about 45 lbs if it were just the skeleton but the other parts that make up a lot of the system is made up of metals as well. Still that 45 lbs is just 2.4 times the weight of human bone. Her extra weight probably comes from the fact shes built tougher as a combat android. Oh and people are large and rather cumbersome to carry around unlike say, an evenly distributed box with handles or a bar with weights on it.

    • Dorje

      That likely happened to Cyan’s old body. Maybe I’m too much of a cyber punk but if I could swap my brain to a new chassis I wouldn’t have a creeped-out factor seeing my old broken chassis smelted down. I’d feel sad, like disassembling an old PERSONAL computer, but if all the key data/parts were moved over, it would just be the pangs of losing a familiar context.

      Ignoring any phobias or vasovagal triggers of course…. While I’m curious what the digitzed version of a vasovagal response would feel like…. I actually really don’t want to think about it too hard. 😓

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Yep, robots are heavy.

  • Kaay

    Doesn’t he carry a phone?
    2 things come to mind:
    1. Get help
    2. Put distance between her and the whip (it COULD be a knife-in-gut situation, but if anything needs to be done, I’d wager on separation here)

    So… Leave Lien, grab whip, run to get someone else. You’re a level-headed guy, Phil, why aren’t you doing that?

    • ReBoot Fan

      I too was wondering about using a phone, but as to the separation thing, as long as Phil keeps full contact with the whip I should think any further effects would be nullified.

  • Zafnak

    Phil! NEVER tell a woman she’s a bit heavy! Even when it seems she can’t hear you.