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  • SoraHjort

    Options I can see:
    1. Paralysis. Simple
    2. Disruption of magical energies, in this case Lien’s power core. (Not to be confused with severing). Would fit with the current arc with dead Orichalcum.
    3. Sensory Overload. Which could fit with the ‘sound waves’ in the first panel, though not with the nonchalant “huh” of panel 2.

    Eitherway this is a “uh oh” moment.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      I’d go with affecting Orichalc too

    • Matthew Krawczun

      2 is the most likely when you add is the other anti magic weapons found with the whip

    • DarkMyste

      Or drained,draining it would fit that whip might drain magic energy fields

  • Aron Dragonwolf

    Okay. Well that’s no good.

  • okamitora

    Uh, Houston? We have a problem.

  • Alexander

    Lien? Lien?!! LIIIEEEENN!!!!!!

  • Tallon-1


  • bobbiac

    Gonna go with power overload. Dead Orichalcum?

    • DarkMyste

      I think it’s energy siphoned not over loaded the whip drained her