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#1890 – Serendipity Part 2

#1890 – Serendipity Part 2 published on 4 Comments on #1890 – Serendipity Part 2
So, because it doesn’t naturally charge itself, it can be activated in a sequence. It’s like if you had magical words that had to be spoken in order, but every time you tried it all just came out at the same time sounding like gibberish! What does this mean for the group if it works though?
  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Yay, magical computers !

  • Sandman366

    So to make “rotten battery”, start with “charged battery” and use at least 10% charge when it’s got 5% left?

    “Rare” sounds like an understatement….

  • DudeHack

    Well there goes my “phil can use it” theory. However could phil make dead orichalcum maybe..

  • Matthew Snow

    Just a note: “circuit”