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#1889 – Serendipity Part 1

#1889 – Serendipity Part 1 published on 6 Comments on #1889 – Serendipity Part 1
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  • Piccolo

    I see a typo. it should be “an issue”.

    And are we SURE Axel and her aren’t… ya know…

    • Daionor

      Pretty sure the readers know, despite the characters all being in denial.

  • Dorje

    Begin again the mad magical science! Is Shiden a wizard or scientist? YES?!

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

    Yep. Depleted Uranium.

  • DudeHack

    Phil is about to get some new tools and toys to play with I bet

  • ReaperBones

    Seriously we all know that Axel and Demoness are gonna fall in love. He’s her knight in shining armor and guardian and she’s his…Innocence snatcher lol