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#1887 – Expected Creepiness

#1887 – Expected Creepiness published on 14 Comments on #1887 – Expected Creepiness
Hey Folks! It’s Friday! And you all know what that means! . . . Well I hope you do. It’s my Art Stream Night! It’s where I do sketches and full color images and work on Artificial Incident! Click any of this text to go to the website to follow me on! Stream starts at 9pm EST and ends… Later than that… Sometimes 7-8 hours after that…
  • LinuxTheKid

    I would just like to point out that the artificial incident link hasn’t been working since the server crash.

    • Ghostforge

      Sage has the archives up on his Tumblr for the interim while the main site is still offline from the rebuild.

      • Yeah. It’s still a ways down the list many artists on the Katbox still don’t have any of their sites back up yet. Soon as it is though I will make a big announcement for it. Until then, you can see it on my tumblr, even the new updates!

  • Draffle

    Well thats somewhat unexpected. Nami is using Blue as a pillow. Then again i guess they have gotten this much progress.

    and it’s adorable as heck.

    • asebw

      They’re relationship is progressing apparently.

  • Alexander

    I love all the lovey dovey pages in this comic. I’m just a sucker for mushy-ness.

    • Alexander

      and this comic period lol.

      • Alexander

        Over ten years reading this O_O SO MUCH TIME WELL SPENT!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Only 20 min ?
    …well, you can snooze more than once !

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.


  • Michael Halpern

    Snooze button… i can’t help but notice how she landed on Blue….


      same here what do want to bet that Nami isn’t asleep and did that on purpose.

  • CazzT

    Blue worried about being creepy is adorable!!!!

  • LackeysLack

    “I’m hitting the snooze button”. On an android. Shouldn’t she slap herself then?