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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    a teensy bit

  • SmokeSkid

    I wonder how many restraining orders Blue has.

    • Sandman366

      Probably surprisingly few, considering how sadly long it took for her to get to the general public.

      Probably disappointingly few, actually….

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

    D’aww. That’s actually kinda cute.

  • Henry Cannon

    It’s halfway between sweet and creepy.

  • Raconis

    love the lap pillow

  • Draffle

    Do pay attention to the fact that she has yet to get up from said lap pillow, so obviously it is as comfortable as it sounds

  • Kitirena Koneko

    Aw, Blue… you’re a kitty after my own little black feline heart, nyao…

    I really need to get a girlfriend, mew. Anyone know if Blue has any cute sisters back home?