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  • Draffle

    *insert meme about extremely long messages being replied to with extremely short message*

  • I hope the Shadow Servant isn’t getting charged any roaming or messaging fees for this transdimensional conversation. Though it is convenient, that their friends in the other realms can get a hold of Kate, and Phil, through her familiar.

    ..interdimensional…extradimensional…cross-dimensional…whatever, it fits as is.

    • Sandman366

      More long-distance than roaming. Hell of a long distance, too. 😉

      Though it’s not across a mortal divide or inter-universal or anything really crazy. Just, you know, a world a bit to the red.

  • Dorje

    Well now I know which company setup the phone networks between Spirit Demon and Living worlds in Yu Yu Hakusho.

  • James-Polymer

    Unrelated topic, but isn’t it about time Shadow got her own character tag?

    • ReBoot Fan

      Just what I was thinking! 🙂