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  • Aron Dragonwolf

    wat. Is this the twilight zone?

  • Draffle

    did……did someone beat the avatar of self-confidence into Phil?

  • Anakin Miller

    I’m betting that it’s not actually Phil

    • okamitora

      I wonder if it could be Earth…

  • SmokeSkid

    … So is Hue gonna be killed?

  • okamitora

    1) Something strange going on here.
    2) Phil ought to know better than to tempt fate. He might be the Null, but Fate ruleth all.
    3) Assuming that is even Phil.

    • Thunder

      I dunno. This does sound an awful lot like Phil. Remember the kind of stuff Phil is interested in, he’s pretty genre savvy. And he is the kind to try an encourage his friends when they are down.

      Plus, this doesn’t sound like tempting fate to me. More like an acknowledgement of the inevitable. Especially since he knows that Shiden has practically declared war on Life and Death.

  • Eboreg2 .

    Jesus, Phil. I know about tempting fate but this goes well, WELL beyond tempting fate.