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#1881 – On Board by Default

#1881 – On Board by Default published on 3 Comments on #1881 – On Board by Default
Stream tonight! Last one of the month! Got a few things left and of course going to be working on AI! Click on- any of this to go to the Picarto Page! Stream starts at 9pm EST!
  • Aron Dragonwolf

    Right now earth is calm as a mountain capped with snow, maybe disturbing him is a bad idea, lest the mountain become a volcano.

  • Chris Richardson

    That guy needs to take a page from Earth and just chill. That could be why he hasn’t been able to contact it yet. He’s always worrying about something.

  • okamitora

    And with that smoooooth segue, we will now proceed into the the arc where the Earth element wakes up and does whatever it does! We’ve had three times where the element tried to kill the magi, so how much you wanna bet this one either does the same or goes, “Dude, chill, I’m on board, I was just giving you a dose of the silent treatment like you and your predecessors did to me.”