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#1878 – Shot Down by Proxy

#1878 – Shot Down by Proxy published on 6 Comments on #1878 – Shot Down by Proxy
For those who don’t remember, Ms Venelli is Lia aka the Magi of Water. Streaming tonight on Picarto! Check it out at this link here at 9pm EST! Every Friday Night!
  • CazzT

    I think I’ve missed something along the way. Why are Life and Death fighting Phil and crew?

    • LordViking

      Because, if I remember it correctly, Life and Death are trying to bring magic and monsters back to reality and use them to conquer the world. And because Death just now figured out the other magi are working together with Phil and the rest to stop this.

      • nightarix

        to be fair, they are just trying to re-create what they remember as a Glorious Empire, it’s the flaw of Nobility, they can’t see how it affected the less well off members of their society. in this case the normal humans who didn’t have any magic.

        • Thunder

          Implying that they would care how it affects other people?

        • CazzT

          Thanks, Viking and night. I apparently did miss something along the way. It makes more sense now. Cheers!

  • ReBoot Fan

    So, how far into Penpen’s six months are we? Sure hope he doesn’t miss the party.