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#1874 – Death’s Inquiries

#1874 – Death’s Inquiries published on 2 Comments on #1874 – Death’s Inquiries
Website is back up! Well mostly! There are still a few things that need to be fixed on the Yosh side that we will get to eventually. Basically Mihari is doing everything she can to get all the sites up to running condition for the main part first so we can work on them a bit ourselves and then finish off the details. Yosh! was first simply because its the largest and most complicated on the site, making it the biggest pain in the butt to deal with… Yeah. So with most of it out of the way the rest should be a bit easier. Still, a lot of work. No word on when Artificial Incident is back but I will post the AI comic to Both Twitter and Tumblr soon. Also next on the list I believe is Las Lindas.
  • Hfar

    It took me a bit to remember who Joseph was. ‘Course part of that is the new magi of fire is an improvement in virtually every way.

    • Aron Dragonwolf

      In every way. Especially in the “not a huge idiot” department like most of the fire magi were apparently.