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Favorite Bad Movie

Favorite Bad Movie published on 31 Comments on Favorite Bad Movie
I personally think the Supergirl movie is truly terrible. One of the worse movies I have ever seen, and I love it. I love this movie so much, because I really wonder how they made this. Who thought this script was good? How did they not go “wow, what have we done?” Now there are far worse movies, but because of this movies connection to comics, and some of my favorite old movies, it is so much fun to make fun of. I recently lent it to a friend of mine and he… Was very upset that I let him borrow it. Goooood times. Wait- does that mean this comic is just my feelings on that movie? That would be a waste of some Nami and Blue stuff… Nope, there’s more too it than just that. Oh and the book pre-orders are still going on- so – click the banner link bellow!