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Null Stance

Null Stance published on No Comments on Null Stance

Wednesday will be Halloween Filler and Friday will be Con Filler! Because it’s Nekocon week! YEAH!

I will be at Nekocon this weekend! Along with a bunch of friends including Nekonny, Godai, Tom from Twokinds, My good friend Tom not from Twokinds, Tony from lots of stuff (but most notably on the Katbox the colorist for KnuckleUp!), Danny from Draconia Chronicles, and finally ID and SoulKat will be making it too! I will have a limited amount of books left to sell, whatever I have left over will be sold online after the con! So if you are going to Nekocon this year- bring 20 dollars, and get a copy before they are gone (and without having to pay the shipping cost!) I will have prints too and the other guys will have lots of stuff too. Tom said he was giving out free bookmarks with Flora on em.


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