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Cold Feet

Cold Feet published on 12 Comments on Cold Feet
Hope you all have a great weekend everyone! Here’s the repeated text about the book, new information coming soon! I’ve gotten most of the artists submissions and everything set! I’ve got a few pieces to finish this week before I put everything together. After some research, I realized I cannot do pre-orders with PayPal – HOWEVER! I can do donation GIFTS! Here’s how it will work. I will set up a page in a few weeks to take donations to help fund the book and I will have it set up for probably 25 dollar donations for USA donators and 35 for International donators. Those who donate using that will receive a gift of a book once they come in (Current estimate of getting in the books is probably October- I will keep everyone updated on that information as I get it!). Once the books are in I will then open a Paypal “shop” of sorts to take orders on a limited number of remaining books. I will be using ALL of the money from the donations to buy as many books as possible minus the costs of shipping for the orders and the order of the books as well. And finally! Here are some of the artist that have provided artwork for the book! (Not all of them are listed here yet):