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Gaming Attire

Gaming Attire published on No Comments on Gaming Attire
Gotta delay the sales page, should be ready Wednesday. I really have to test it before making it public, and there was just no time over the weekend on top of Mihari working on making it look- not like I made it. She’s good at that. 😀 So Nami and Blue can occasionally communicate without words… Actually this is nothing special in context since everyone in that position would know that look. I have never been in a pen and paper RPG where you dress as the character. That is too close to LARPing and the people I know who LARP- would destroy me. They look like real Celtic Warriors and would beat the tar out of my tarless body even with their mostly foam weapons. . . SO! Hope you all had a great weekend and hope to see you all back here Wednesday! ^_^ This artist had some AMAZING artwork! She was very nice too! I still need to read her comic which looks fantastic, and has a really weird title and premise- but all the more reason to look into it! So just go check it out!
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero