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YOSH! 10th Anniversary Tribute Book

Alright everyone! It’s time to begin!  Here is a picture of the book and some notes on the test print!
Yosh 10th Anniversary Test Print image

On to “pre-order donations” now!

Pre-order donations? Wha?

Pre-order donations are donations made to get things started. Sounds silly I know but here’s the deal. I don’t have a shop system to take pre-orders and most online systems only allow pre-orders on items to be released in less than a month. Unfortunately it takes a month just to have the books printed and I need the money to do that first! So the work around is to do donations, and as a gift for donating, you get a book!

All books will be numbered and signed and all of the pre-order money goes to paying for shipping and the printing itself (I have to pay shipping twice, once to get it to me, then I need to buy shipping materials and pay for shipping it to each person)!

Pre-Orders Are over! A limited number of books will be sold online once they come in! Keep an eye out for announcements! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!