It took some time before I understood what she meant by stripe exposure XD

    • Radar

      same here

  • william

    she doesn’t need to get completely dressed for this does she? won’t a shirt and a pair of panties work as well?

    • Zorpheus

      I dunno, if I were facing pervy ghosts, I’d probably want to wear everything I could.

      • william

        yeah, but where’s the fun in that? also, if I was a pervy ghost, the first place I’d go is the girl’s closets.

        • Darkoneko Hellsing

          Since they just arrived, their clothes are probably still in their bag.

          • william

            still, if I was a ghost, pervy or not, I’d go and possess the nearest girl’s wardrobe so they’d wear me when they changed clothing. I might also possess any adult toys that that girl has.

          • Radar

            that’s a great idea

  • anony

    Did she always have those on her breasts? They seem less like stripes there and more like triangles.

  • Dracoson

    Here’s another mystery: Why’d you bring up Shiden and ruin the moment, Phil? WHY!? I guess such innocence is to be admired (or is it focussing on the situation at hand? I can respect that, too), but for crying out loud, this is your fiance` we’re talking about, here.

    • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

      Well, he had a couple of hand fulls, and a lap full of a beautiful, naked woman for an extended period of time without getting an armor piercing slap. I say he did quite well not to push his luck.

      • Dracoson

        I was just suggesting ‘savor the moment’ not ‘go for broke’. I already know from personal experience ghosts are not a turn-on for women.
        Then again, the way you mentioned the situation, perhaps it was best for Shiden to come up before something else did. If this is indeed the case I thank you for enlightening me of the other half of the situation.