• ZRO4825

    I love that look of absolute calm on Phil’s face in that second panel. Not quite smug, but no fear, lol.

  • Michael Halpern


  • Matthew Sleeman

    Are you going to update the bonus comic graphic or are you going to punch them out so fast it’s not going to be worth it?

    • Sage

      Which one? Because one I do (and did) the other I don’t because hopefully I will finish these up soon (but soon is relative).

      • Sepher

        I think he means the update thumbnail under the donation counter.

  • ComicGuy

    So glad there’s an update this looks promising. :)

  • Lux-Vertas#

    When Did Phil become such a bad ass?

    • Zafnak

      Having a naked Kate sitting in your lap would give anyone a level or two in Badass

      • Lux-Vertas#

        Won’t be just the Bafass level boosting!