Birthday Filler 2014

I know people are going to be busy with Thanksgiving, but I’ve got a few things to say right now.

First and foremost, thank you all. Thank you all for reading and enjoying my comic, and I hope you will all continue to enjoy it for years more to come! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Some patreon stuff is on it’s way VERY soon. Expect an update there in the activity section in a day or two. Probably sooner!

Normal comic will go up Wednesday, and Friday will be another Thanksgiving filler (Probably featuring Rieko and potatoes :P).

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing your comments as always!

Hello there! SoulKat here and I just want to take the time to thank you all.

All of the Katbox.net artists are now on Patreon, their goals being met left and right. You all are supporting us in ways we never thought were possible before. Thank you so very much.

Now that all of the artists have their pages complete, with MissMab saving hers for a later date, I feel it’s time to unveil the Katbox.net Patreon page.

But what is this? If every single Katbox artist has their own page, why does Katbox.net need one? The site itself does not. We are self-sustaining thanks to advertisements. But the only reason I can say that is because the developers, myself and Mihari, work for free.

I would like to change that. If you have anything to give to us to thank us for our efforts, it will be immensely appreciated. The money collected through this Patreon will be split between Mihari and myself equally for our daily lives while the advertisement revenue will still be used for server costs. You can read more at the Patreon page.

I consider the support you’ve shown to my artists humbling. Thank you very much for everything you’ve already given.